How do I get rid of the ants in my home?

How do I get rid of the ants in my home?

Ant infestations are a major hassle for any homeowner. However this pest problem is very common Sydney-wide. Its subtle nature can make it difficult to spot at first. However, once the problem is detected it's likely to have become worse.

From costly infestation expenses, to property damage, this can make your comfort spaces uncomfortable. Which is why our pest controllers aim to consistently inform you. So you can better understand this intelligent species.

Your Ultimate Guide to a Pest-Free Home

Dealing with an ant infestation in Sydney? At Active Pest Control Management, we've detailed a simple ‘how to’ remove ant guide designed to keep your property & ant control in Sydney.

Our commitment to a pest free home extends beyond our process. We'll help you address the questions commonly asked about this infestation. From "How does an ant infestation start?" to "How can I manage this?", we're always here to help. Remember that if you suspect an infestation, you must take immediate action.

What species are most commonly found in Aussie homes?

You can trust that we'll provide smooth and efficient ant control services when you call our team. However, if you're looking to prevent this issue, see our simple tips below.

Australia is home to a diverse range of ant species, each with its unique characteristics and behaviors. Among these, the black house ant is one of the most common guests.

Black House Ants

Categorised by their name, this ant affects various Aussie households. It's important to keep in mind that these operate in Summer, Autumn and Spring. During the wetter seasons, they go to relocate.

If you're unsure as to whether you're experiencing a black house ant, look out for the following:

These ants are identifiable by their brown, and mix of black and brown appearance.
The size is not consistent, however, it ranges from 3mm to 9mm in length.
They are known for their ability to easily establish colonies. Some examples of infested areas for these ants range from garden soils to the crevices of buildings.

White Footed Black House Ants

White footed black house ants reside in outdoor, and indoor environments. These are commonly found in areas such as walls, attics, and surrounding skylight areas. The size range is relatively small being between 2.5mm to 3.00mm. Alongside its color is mainly black, with amber hues.

Do Ants Pose a Threat to My Property?

You may be asking yourself, "Are ants a safety hazard to my home?" 

The species most likely to reside in your space are blackhouse ants. Meaning that they pose more of a hassle than a direct threat. Keep in mind that the longer the ant colonies stay, the stronger they become.

A growing infestation can quickly become a health hazard. Due to its ability to contaminate food. As this pest targets sweet foods, and fruits in combination with other dead insects. This results in the growth of harmful bacteria, like salmonella as a result.

See how an ant infestation would work in your home:

  • Ants invade your home to find food.
  • They carry the food back to their colony.
  • Ants make repeated trips between your home and their nest.
  • The cycle continues, increasing the infestation.

This pest is heavily resistant. Which is why it's difficult to manage on your own. Take the right steps, by reaching out to us. Trust that our professional ant control has your back.

Ant Control in Sydney: Effective Solutions for Your Home

Prevention is the first step to ensuring no ant problems in your home. Oftentimes, homeowners don't keep in mind some simple prevention measures. Incorporating these can ensure your peace of mind for the long term.

At our pest control company, we specialise in ant pest control in Sydney. Our professionals stress the importance of maintaining the right pest maintenance.

Our approach involves identifying the type of ants invading your home, locating their nests, and implementing removal techniques.

See some simple steps, from our professional Ant pest controllers in Sydney:

  • The right hygiene is crucial in preventing an infestation. Regularly clean food sources like kitchens, dishes, and countertops, to remove crumbs and food scraps. Ensure that you’re attentive in doing these steps, so that everything is disposed of.
  • Remember that blackhouse ants are attracted to all things sugary. Opt for placing these foods in the fridge rather than the pantry.
  • Remove potential ant nests. You’ll need to examine a range of places, for a proper inspection, including stones, dead trees, a wall cavity, and behind cupboards.
  • Seal both interior and exterior cracks to prevent entry points.

Why Choose Active Pest Control Management?

What makes active pest control from the rest? Experience the difference in our team's commitment to effective pest control. We recognise the importance of removing an infestation, as quickly as possible. This is why our pest control technicians work fast to fix the issue.

Trust that we have the right tools and technology. This allows us to manage any infestation, regardless of the potential problems. For a pest free environment, turn to our team with years of experience.

Pest Control Services in Sydney: Our leading processes

Aside from our ant removals in Sydney, we offer comprehensive pest control treatments. Which means that we're equipped to help you, no matter the species. Some of these include fly, bed bug, bee to mosquito pest control.

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Take action for ant removal in Sydney

A home or business ant infestation can be an overwhelming experience. It can be hard to determine the right steps to take. Save yourself the hassle, and turn to our team. As your trusted partner for ant control in Sydney, we provide comprehensive inspections and removals.

We'll maintain a tailored approach to every solution. Providing you with the consistent support and services needed. So you can experience a pest-free environment sooner. Stay one step ahead, and book a pest inspection with us!