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Why Do I Have Fleas?

Fleas can come from multiple sources and it can be difficult to track the origin of an infestation. One of the most common reasons your pet got fleas is that it came in contact with another mammal that was infested, ranging from wild racoons to someone else’s cat.  There could also be flea larvae in the shaded parts of your yard or garden, picked up by your pet as it moved around outdoors.

If you’ve had fleas on your pet treated before and they’ve come back, there might be flea eggs, larvae or pupae in your house. They like to hide in carpets, bedding and other locations where they can feed on dead skin cells then become dormant as pupae, before emerging as adult fleas to attack your pet. They may especially be focused in areas where your pet spends a lot of time in.

Is my home at risk? Residential Pest Control

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Flea Control Sydney - Flea Prevention Tips

Flea Control in Sydney starts with prevention. Here are some tips you can use to keep them out of your home:

  • Limit pet’s interaction with wild or stray animals
  • Bathe and brush your pet regularly
  • Vacuum carpets and wash blankets etc. regularly
  • Cut tall grass and other things that may provide flea larvae with shade
  • Disinfect kennels etc. regularly

Despite your best efforts, fleas might still get to your pets. Don’t beat yourself up about it; just call Active Pest Control Management for flea treatment in Sydney.

The Active Flea Pest Control Process

Step 1
Step 1

Flea Inspection

After getting your call, we’ll come to your home and perform a thorough pest inspection in Sydney. We do this to accurately determine the scope of the pest problem going on, which will influence our methods.

It’s very helpful if you can point out where you’ve seen pests or even where a nest is. However, we will still perform a full inspection of the building in case there is more than one source or nest. Occasionally, there may even be more than one type of pest that you didn’t know about!

Step 2
Step 2

Flea Solution

Based on what we learnt from our inspection, we then decide on suitable countermeasures.

Everything depends on the severity of the infestation; the treatment may range from simply leaving traps or poison for the pests, to full-on application of pesticides and other more powerful treatments. Don’t worry about vacating the premises, thanks to our completely environmentally-friendly and non-toxic pest control solutions.

Step 3
Step 3

Flea extermination Follow-up

After a certain period, we’ll come back to check how effective our solution has been, resetting traps or reapplying pesticides if necessary. If treatment wasn’t as effective as expected, we always have several backup plans. We have a 12-month guarantee on any job, so rest assured that we’re going to stick around and get things done right, letting your property stay pest-free year-after-year.

Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney

Flea Extermination Sydney FAQs

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Question 1

Are fleas harmful to humans?

The bite itself has little effect on humans beyond itching and irritation, but fleas are a vector for deadly diseases such as typhus. There is a possibility that you may get infected from a flea bite.

Question 2

How much time does a flea treatment last?

Most flea treatments start showing results in a matter of hours, but completely eradicating an infestation can take days, perhaps more if a lot of work removing eggs, larvae and pupae needs to be done.

Question 3

How much does pest control for fleas cost?

In Sydney, flea control could cost anywhere between $100 to $400, depending on how complex the treatment will be. Come to Active Pest Control Management for competitive pricing! Just call and ask us for a quote.

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Flea Extermination Sydney

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Active Pest Control Management’s pest control experts have plenty of experience with flea treatment in Sydney, no matter the species. Since flea removal in Sydney is all about protecting the health of your precious pets, using toxic pesticides would defeat the purpose. Our 100% eco-friendly pest control methods are completely harmless to humans, pets and some beneficial insects, while also being able to completely eradicate fleas and their eggs. Trust us to get flea extermination in Sydney done perfectly without causing you any harm.