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Termite Control

Termites are very destructive pests that burrow into wood and eat it from the inside. They are extremely difficult to detect normally, until it’s too late and they’ve caused a lot of damage. If a termite infestation isn’t resolved in time, they can completely ruin wooden structures and put the integrity of a building at risk–there already have been cases of Sydney homes totally collapsing from termites!

Due to the combination of warmth and humidity, Sydney is a big hotspot for subterranean termites that burrow underground and into homes. Some suburbs in particular are more susceptible than others, such as:

If you live in any of these locations, then you need to act fast! Your home is at great risk of termite infestation. Take action and give Active Pest Control Management a call for an inspection today. If we manage to find termites, we’ll immediately start applying Termite Control Services Sydney to get rid of them. If they aren’t present in your home, it’s very wise to have a termite barrier set up to block a future invasion.


The Active Termite Pest Control Process

Step 1
Step 1

Pest Inspection

After getting your call, we’ll come to your location and perform a thorough pest and termite inspection in Sydney.

We do this to accurately determine the scope of the pest problem going on, which will influence our methods.

It’s very helpful if you can point out where you’ve seen pests or even where a nest is. However, we will still perform full pest infestations of the building in case there is more than one source or nest.

Step 2
Step 2

Pest Solution

Based on what we learned from our inspection, we then decide on suitable countermeasures.

Everything depends on the severity of the infestation; the treatment may range from simply leaving traps or poison for the pests, to the full-on application of pesticides and other more powerful treatments. In the case of the latter, you may consider vacating the premises, but it won’t be a requirement thanks to our completely environmentally-friendly and non-toxic pest control solutions.

Step 3
Step 3

The Follow-Up

After a certain period, we’ll come back to check how effective our solution has been, resetting traps or reapplying pesticides if necessary.

If treatment wasn’t as effective as expected, we always have several backup plans. We have a 12-month guarantee on any job, so rest assured that we’re going to stick around and get things done right, letting your property stay pest-free for at least a whole year.

Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney

Why is Termite Pest Control in Sydney a Big Deal

All pest control solutions we use are completely environmentally friendly and non-toxic to humans and animals, protecting your health and property at the same time.
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Number 1


After getting your call, we’ll come to your location and do a pest inspection in Sydney for termites. Besides looking for common visual cues, we use specialised equipment to detect termite activity underground or in the walls.

If you’ve seen where the termites are or have an idea of where they might be nesting, tell us to speed up the process. We will still be thorough with the rest of the building, however, as there could always be more than one nest, or multiple types of pests.

Number 2


Once we know for sure where the termites are, we get to work exterminating them. Depending on how large the hive has grown, drastic measures may need to be taken. Either way, the goal is to get fast results, as termites multiply and cause damage at an alarming rate. Our professional methods can kill off swarms of termites in a matter of days, all the while remaining eco-friendly and non-toxic to humans or pets.

Number 3


After some time has passed, we can come back to check if the termites have died off completely yet. It’s important to make sure that the termite hive has been destroyed entirely to be certain that there won’t be a resurgence.

After this stage, it’s a good idea to get the wooden structures devoured by termites replaced or repaired. The new wood needs to be kept dry so that a new hive of termites doesn’t come along to restart the issue.

How To Find and Prevent Termites

Knowing how to detect and find a termite infestation is half the battle. As they reside inside of wood, with their entry points sometimes completely obscured by paint or wallpaper, it can be hard to notice that your house is crumbling at this very moment.

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White Ant Control Sydney

Termites are also sometimes called “white ants”; however, they have no real relation to ants, and require completely different treatment methods to remove. If you’re not sure if you actually have termites or just a type of ant, get Active Pest Control Management to perform Sydney Termite Control and find out.


Be extra alert for these signs:

  • Mud tubes on the ground leading to wood
  • Small pinholes on walls, sometimes under paint or wallpaper
  • Persistently stuck doors or windows
  • Shed wings from alates
  • Termite droppings

If you see any of these, then it’s time BE to act fast and call Active Pest Control Management for Termite Control Services Sydney. If not, you may not be completely in the clear, but you can breathe a bit easier.


For true peace of mind, take up these measures to prevent an infestation:

  • Check for water leaks
  • Stow away, seal or remove exposed wood
  • Implement a termite barrier

If you need extra help or tips for termite prevention, don’t hesitate to give Active Pest Control Management a call.