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Why Do I Have Ant Removal Sydney?

Ants are almost always in search of one thing–food. If you’ve been given a visit from a large group of them, that means they’ve detected an exposed target in your home. This could range from meat left out in the open to errant bread crumbs on the floor. Ants are also known to investigate trash sometimes.

If your home is properly clean, then it’s possible that the weather is responsible. In dry weather, ants might be searching for water in your home, usually in damp areas of the house like bathrooms or sinks. In rainy seasons, ants seek shelter indoors from floods, which may bring them into your building. In these cases, the ants aren’t as likely to stick around for long, so you may not need to take action.

Is my home at risk? Residential Pest Control

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Ant Control Sydney - Ant Prevention Tips

Ant Control in Sydney starts with prevention. Here are some tips you can use to keep them out of your home:

  • Keep surfaces clean
  • Store food in closed containers with tight sealing
  • Pay attention to lone scout ants
  • Seal tiny cracks around the house
  • Throw out trash regularly
  • Dispose of food waste swiftly

Despite your best efforts, ants might still get into your space sometimes. Don’t beat yourself up about it; just call Active Pest Control Management for ant treatment in Sydney.

The Active Ant Pest Control Process

Step 1
Step 1

Ant Inspection

After getting your call, we’ll come to your home and perform a thorough pest inspection in Sydney. We do this to accurately determine the scope of the pest problem going on, which will influence our methods.

It’s very helpful if you can point out where you’ve seen pests or even where a nest is. However, we will still perform a full inspection of the building in case there is more than one source or nest. Occasionally, there may even be more than one type of pest that you didn’t know about!

Step 2
Step 2

Ant Solution

Based on what we learnt from our inspection, we then decide on suitable countermeasures.

Everything depends on the severity of the infestation; the treatment may range from simply leaving traps or poison for the pests, to full-on application of pesticides and other more powerful treatments. Don’t worry about vacating the premises, thanks to our completely environmentally-friendly and non-toxic pest control solutions.

Step 3
Step 3


After a certain period, we’ll come back to check how effective our solution has been, resetting traps or reapplying pesticides if necessary. If treatment wasn’t as effective as expected, we always have several backup plans. We have a 12-month guarantee on any job, so rest assured that we’re going to stick around and get things done right, letting your property stay pest-free year-after-year.

Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney
Active Pest Control Management
Pest Control Sydney

Ant Extermination Sydney FAQs

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Question 1

Do I need an exterminator for ants?

There are a number of home remedies and commercial ant killers that you can try to get rid of the ants on your own. If the measures fail, or if the infestation is truly too overwhelming to consider these methods, then don’t hesitate to get an Ant Exterminator Sydney.

Question 2

How do I prevent an ant infestation?

Ants usually enter homes in search of food. As long as you keep your food in sealed containers and clean the house regularly, you’re unlikely to develop an ant problem. If they still visit your house, then there may be other reasons, such as your neighbours having an ant invasion that has spilled over.

Question 3

How much does pest control for ants cost?

Pest control costs vary greatly depending on the treatment administered and the severity of the infestation. $150 - 300 is an average range for cost, but for a more accurate estimate, contact Active Pest Control Management to get a free quote.

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