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Why Do I Have Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies are attracted to the moist environments, especially if fermentation is present. They can be found near wet rubbish and drains as well, but nutrition-rich fruits and vegetables are their prime targets, and how they usually come into contact with humans. Fruit and vegetables that are left on counters or other exposed surfaces during warm weather are always at risk of fruit fly infestation.

Fruit or vegetables that have maggots growing in them tend to be rotting, soft and warm to the touch, and give off a foul smell. Even if the items are thrown out as soon as possible, maggots will continue to grow into flies in the vicinity of your home until garbage disposal arrives. This provides the risk of the fruit flies returning.

Is my home at risk? Residential Pest Control

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Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly Control Sydney - Fruit Fly Prevention Tips

Fruit Fly Control in Sydney starts with prevention. Here are some tips you can use to keep them out of your home:

  • Store fruit and vegetables in cupboards or refrigerator
  • Protect produce in garden with insect-proof netting or other measures
  • Discard overripe produce
  • Use lavender and other fly-repellent fragrances
  • Wipe down surfaces to remove produce residue

Despite your best efforts, ants might still get into your space sometimes. Don’t beat yourself up about it; just call Active Pest Control Management for fruit fly treatment in Sydney.

The Active Fruit Flies Pest Control Process

Step 1
Step 1

Fruit Fly Inspection

After getting your call, we’ll come to your home and perform a thorough pest inspection in Sydney. We do this to accurately determine the scope of the pest problem going on, which will influence our methods.

It’s very helpful if you can point out where you’ve seen pests or even where a nest is. However, we will still perform a full inspection of the building in case there is more than one source or nest. Occasionally, there may even be more than one type of pest that you didn’t know about!

Step 2
Step 2

Fruit Fly Solution

Based on what we learnt from our inspection, we then decide on suitable countermeasures

Everything depends on the severity of the infestation; the treatment may range from simply leaving traps or poison for the pests, to full-on application of pesticides and other more powerful treatments. Don’t worry about vacating the premises, thanks to our completely environmentally-friendly and non-toxic pest control solutions.

Step 3
Step 3

Fruit fly extermination Follow-up

After a certain period, we’ll come back to check how effective our solution has been, resetting traps or reapplying pesticides if necessary. If treatment wasn’t as effective as expected, we always have several backup plans. We have a 12-month guarantee on any job, so rest assured that we’re going to stick around and get things done right, letting your property stay pest-free year-after-year.

Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney
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Pest Control Sydney

Fruit Fly Pest Control Sydney FAQs

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Question 1

Are fruit flies attracted to wine?

Wine is fermented from grapes, and the aroma is highly attractive to fruit flies. They are known to try and enter wine bottles to feed and lay their eggs. It’s wise to keep wine covered up to prevent this.

Question 2

How do fruit flies get into sealed packages?

If you’re confident that the packaging was perfectly sealed, then the spoiled food in question may have already been contaminated with fruit fly eggs before they were packaged.

Question 3

Do fruit flies go away on their own?

Fruit fly infestations are likely to only get worse unless every potential source is removed, which is unlikely in a regular household. Don’t hesitate to call Active Pest Control Management for fruit fly removal in Sydney to put a swift end to these pests.

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Fruit Fly Removal Sydney

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A breakout of fruit flies at your home is trying. Even if the offending material is removed, the fruit flies may linger for days, in search of new food and places to reproduce. What you need is fruit fly extermination in Sydney. We come to make sure that all potential vectors of infestation are removed, and apply our expert fruit fly treatment in Sydney to get them out of your home fast. Give us a call and let us work!