Pest control can be messy work, especially when you opt to do it yourself. There are so many questions that need to be answered: which products should you buy? will they do the job? Are they safe for your family and household pets? will they stain your fixtures and furniture? How do you know if you’re applying it correctly? Why not take the stress out of your pest control problems and call Sydney’s leading pest control specialists.

We’ll come to you to inspect the site and assess the extent of your infestation in order to apply the correct method, tailored to your home. No matter what your pest control problem, there’s no infestation we can’t treat.

Crawling Insect Solutions

Creepy crawlers are our most common job. From spiders to roaches, we’ve seen it all and fortunately for you, our experienced specialists are educated in the habitual nature of all local insects.

Flying Insect Solutions

While crawling insects are a nightmare, flying insects can be so much harder to treat. Not to mention the fact that many species of flying insects can sting, causing a painful insect bite and quite often an allergic reaction.

Rodent Solutions

There’s nothing worse than the sound of a rat scurrying across your kitchen floor in the middle of the night. Aside from the damage they bring to the structure of your home, they also pose a threat to your health and the health of your family.

Bird Solutions

Have a Noisy Miner that wakes you up every morning? Wish you could reach that nest in your backyard tree? Give Active a call and we’ll put an end to your crack-of-dawn wake up calls!


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