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Rodent Inspection

Rodent Inspection in Prospect

Rodents like to reside in dark, damp and secluded corners of buildings, inside tight spaces or behind walls. Spotting one or two occasionally doesn’t get to the bottom of the problem–you need to find their nest for effective rodent treatment in Prospect. However, that could be easier said than done, and randomly tearing up your house to find them isn’t wise either.

Active Pest Control Management offers expert rodent inspection services in Prospect. We know exactly what to look for to pinpoint the location of a rodent nest, which will allow us to perform rodent removal in Prospect and bring peace back to your property. Get Active today!

Rodent Treatment

Rodent Treatment in Prospect

The typical method for rodent treatment in Prospect is baiting and trapping. There are a variety of baits and traps designed to eliminate rodents, from chemical baits to physical traps. Which type of trap should be used depends on the location and situation, best determined by a pest control expert.

Active Pest Control Management knows the perfect rodent solutions in Prospect. Our rodent removal in Prospect procedures are tailored to the conditions of Prospect, as well as the rodent species common in Prospect. This leads to maximum results, getting rid of all rodents in your property as soon as possible. Call Active now to get rid of these pests quickly!

Rat Control

Rat Control in Prospect

Rats are the larger kind of rodent you might encounter in Prospect. They typically enter buildings in search of food, water and shelter, then stay if they like the conditions. Rat Control can be quite destructive. In our homes, they contaminate food, leave their droppings everywhere, create burrows, and even chew on wires. Rat removal in Prospect should be the top priority of any property owner who’s being plagued by them.

Call for Active Pest Control Management, and we’ll come running with a solution! As experts of rat treatment in Prospect, we’ll get straight to work locating and exterminating the rats on your property as soon as we arrive. Our baiting and trapping methods are adjusted to the conditions in Prospect and your property, allowing us to produce maximum results. Active Pest Control Management is your friend for rat control in Prospect!

Mice Control

Mice Control Prospect

Mice are the smaller cousins of rats, just as prevalent as rats in Prospect and sharing many of the same behaviours. Their tiny bodies allow them to fit through even smaller gaps; mice control can infiltrate from drain pipes, cracks in plaster walls, and more. The best method for exterminating mice also tends to be baiting and trapping, but the nature of the traps can be different due to differences in tendencies between mice and rats. Mouse treatment in Prospect is crucial for the hygiene of your home or workplace.

Active Pest Control Management has the proper solutions for mouse removal in Prospect. We’ll target the specific species of mice that have infested your property, delivering quick results by tailoring our pest control methods. If you’re ever in need of mice control in Prospect, Active Pest Control Management is your best bet!

Rodent Control Prospect FAQs

If you want answers quicker, feel free to call us on 1300 590 944 or enquire us here

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Question 1

Does one rat mean there are more?

Rats are social animals that like to stick together. If you find one rat in your house, it’s usually likely that there are more in your home or office, which would be an infestation. Seeing only one rat is already grounds for calling for support from pest control.

Question 2

Do rats go away on their own?

Rats build nests because they expect to stay in an area where there will be a steady source of food. Removing all potential sources of food for them is nearly impossible, given their broad diet and the requirements of the human inhabitants.

Question 3

Do rats attack humans?

Rats are usually afraid of humans, and will try to escape when possible. If cornered, they may instead bite to defend themselves. Capable of jumping over 70 cm into the air, they could cause some damage if you’re not careful.

Question 4

Do I need pest control for mice?

There are many DIY solutions to mice, including mice extermination products available at stores. With professional help from Active Pest Control Management, however, we can help you get to the bottom of a mice problem so that they don’t keep coming back, and implement preventive measures as well. We go the extra mile for your property.

Question 5

What is the best mice treatment?

Baiting and trapping is very effective against mice, as they are curious animals who investigate unfamiliar things instead of running. These usually take some time to produce results, but are very effective and completely safe for the inhabitants of the property compared to rodenticide.

Question 6

Is rodenticide toxic to humans and pets?

Rodenticide is toxic to all mammals, which naturally includes dogs, cats and also humans. If using rodenticide, special care needs to be taken so that children and pets stay clear of them. If you notice any gum bleeding, vomiting that has blood in it, or breathing difficulties in a family member or a pet after using rodenticide, they need emergency medical care.

Question 7

How much does rodent pest control cost?

Rodent pest control typically starts at about $200, with costs going up depending on the severity of the infestation, size of the property, and other factors. Large-scale infestations could cost over a thousand dollars, so it’s best to get help before the situation gets out of control.

Question 8

How often do I need a rodent inspection?

A general inspection once a year when nothing seems wrong is usually enough. If baits or traps have been placed at your property, then they need to be inspected once every one or two months.

Question 9

What type of bait should I use to trap rodents?

Peanut butter and cheese are popular types of bait for trapping rodents, as they last long and are easy to replenish.

Question 10

How do I prevent rodents from entering my property?

As rodents can fit through even the tiniest of gaps, it’s quite hard to make a building completely rodent-proof. Keeping everything clean and hygienic usually dissuades them from creating a nest, however.