Pest Control in Cartwright

Pests Solutions Crawling Insects Solutions

Creepy crawlers are our most common job. From spiders to roaches, we’ve seen it all and fortunately for you, our experienced specialists are educated in the habitual nature of all local insects. We won’t just terminate your infestation but we’ll also ensure that we treat your home against further problems.

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Pests Solutions Flying Insects Solutions

While crawling insects are a nightmare, flying insects can be so much harder to treat. Not to mention the fact that many species of flying insects can sting, causing a painful insect bite and quite often an allergic reaction. Keep your family safe this season and call the Active specialists to rid your home of all insect infestations.

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Pests Solutions Rodent Solutions

The common household Brown Rat carries pathogens which can cause many diseases, the least of which being Salmonella and Rat-bite Fever. Protect your family and your home and get Active about your rat problem. We won’t just terminate your infestation but we’ll also ensure that we treat your home against further problems.

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Pests Solutions Termite Solutions

Did you know that the termite population outnumbers humans 5 to 1? That makes 35,000,000,000 termites. With that many zeros isn’t it time you had your home inspected? Our experienced professionals will visit your site for a quick and thorough inspection so you can rest assured knowing that your home is termite free.

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Our Pest Control Service in

We use only the highest quality, environmentally advanced pest control products available Committed to excellent service and 100% satisfaction for all customers Locally-owned and operated business – not a national franchise.

Professionally accredited, licensed and insured technicians Treat all pests including ants, cockroaches, spiders, bees, wasps, fleas, mosquitoes, rodents, silverfish & pantry moths as well as termites (white ants).

Choose Active Pest Control Sydney Management, and there’ll be no more tiptoeing around your own home after pest control in Cartwright. Call Active Pest Control Management for rodent control Cartwright on 1300 590 944 during office hours or contact us via email or social media.

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Our Termite Control service in

Specialists in termite inspections, termite control, timber and pest building inspections & termite baiting & barrier systems. Leading suppliers of pre-construction termite management products to Greater Sydney Accredited installers of Termite Management Systems for new homes and renovations. Trusted, go-to contractors for Real Estate,

Property Conveyancing, Holiday Accommodation & Government agencies across the Northern Rivers. Our pest control methods meet the highest possible standards for public safety and wildlife, approved for schools, aged-care facilities and hospitals. Call Active Pest Control Management for termite control Cartwright on 1300 590 944 during office hours or contact us via email or social media.

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What We Provide In Pest Services

Pest Inspection

Pest Inspection in Cartwright

Every pest control in Cartwright job starts with a thorough pest inspection at your property. This reveals where the pests have entered from, what damage they’ve done, and where they’re hiding. Even if you already know where the pests are lurking, it’s a good idea to double check; in some cases, there might be more than one nest, or even multiple infestations from different types of pests!

Get a pest inspection in Cartwright done with Active Pest Control Management, and we’ll sniff out any pests hiding in your property and recommend all the right solutions. Even if we don’t find pests, we identify infestation risks and help you make your property pest-proof. For peace of mind, just get an inspection!

Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control in Cartwright

We offer residential pest control in Cartwright to help locals keep their homes pest-free for a safe and hygienic life. Common pests that like to invade homes are ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, rats, spiders, wasps, ticks, and more. These critters are more than just a nuisance–they could cause significant financial losses from wasted food or damaged structures.

Active Pest Control Management can target any kind of pest troubling you with residential pest control in Cartwright services. After doing a full residential pest inspection in Cartwright to determine the nature of the problem, we get straight to work with the correct solution. Using 100% eco-friendly pest control methods, we get the job done just as well while also making sure your family and pets don’t have to deal with toxic chemicals.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control in Cartwright

Offices, restaurants, and other businesses all share the same goals: work efficiently, maintain a good image, and turn a profit. Pests interfere with all of these by jeopardising the health of employees, turning off potential customers, and damaging resources and structures. Worse, regulatory bodies may shut down commercial properties for unresolved pest problems. Whenever there are signs of an infestation, business owners must take it seriously and get commercial pest control in Cartwright.

Active Pest Control Management can meet your needs for commercial pest control in Cartwright, no matter the industry. We work with restaurants, cafes, offices, factories, warehouses, bars, pubs, clubs, real estate and hospitality. Every job starts with a commercial pest inspection in Cartwright, before we come up with the proper solutions to fix all your current and future pest issues.

Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control Cartwright

Cockroaches are one of the most ubiquitous species of pests globally, and Australia is chock full of them too. They carry a variety of diseases on their tiny bodies, spreading them around as they crawl around and find food. Getting a visit from one or two cockroaches is relatively normal no matter how tidy you keep, but if groups are showing up at your property in Cartwright, it’s time to get help.

Active Pest Control Management are experts at cockroach control in Cartwright. A pest inspection will uncover the reason roaches have invaded, allowing us to decide on the best course of action to have these pests gone from the premises. We have completed an uncountable number of cockroach control in Cartwright jobs throughout our 10+ years of pest control, so you can trust us to get it right.

Construction Pest Control

Construction Pest Control Cartwright

Construction sites end up being prime targets for pests due to exposed building materials being good food sources, the tendency for trash and waste to pile up in them, and the general disturbance causing pests to move around. All construction sites need proper pest management services before, during and after work so that the site remains untainted by rodents, cockroaches, silverfish, termites, ants, and other pests throughout the whole process.

Active Pest Control Management works with all contractors to make construction sites stay pest free with both prevention and extermination methods. Our 100% eco-friendly pest control solutions are non-toxic to humans and pets, meaning work doesn’t grind to a halt after they’re applied! Work with Active Pest Control for Construction Pest Control in Cartwright so that the build proceeds at maximum efficiency.

Pest Control Cartwright FAQs

If you want answers quicker, feel free to call us on 1300 590 944 or enquire us here

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Question 1

What time of year is the best for pest control?

Early spring is generally the best time for pest control. Pest activity typically peaks during the warmer weather of summer, making colonies harder to stop. Getting treatment done in spring when pest numbers are relatively lower means the treatment will be more likely to succeed. Additionally, choosing early spring lets you avoid the rush of pest control requests that flood in every summer, so that we can give you faster service.

Question 2

Do I need pest control when I don’t have pests?

Pest control includes preventative measures, such as termite barriers that block them from entering. While you can trust pest control experts to get rid of your problem when it happens, it is still better to not have had an infestation at all in the first place. That’s why you need preventative pest control.

Question 3

How much does pest control cost?

Pest control costs vary greatly depending on the treatment administered and the severity of the infestation. $150 - 300 is an average range for cost, but for a more accurate estimate, contact Active Pest Control Management to get a free quote.

Question 4

Why is pest control so expensive?

Pest control experts make the job look easy, but it is anything but. Pest control requires extensive training, costly equipment, and constant proximity to toxic pesticides. Each job also requires a lot of time and physical effort. To offset the costs and labour, pest control prices need to be what they are.

Question 5

What do I do about a possum in my home?

Possums are protected animals in Australia, not to be harmed in any way without approval. Call a pest control expert such as Active Pest Control Management to come trap the possum so that it can be released into the wild.

Question 6

How often does commercial pest control need to be done?

Generally, having pest control done once a year should keep pests off your commercial property. If there is an uptick of pests appearing all of a sudden, then it’s a good idea to call your pest control expert to come check, however.

Question 7

Is the landlord or tenant responsible for pest control?

Whether the burden of a pest infestation falls on the landlord or tenant depends on the specifics of the situation and the terms of the lease, but the healthiest way to approach this is cooperation. As long as tenants keep their areas clean and landlords maintain the condition of the building, the chance of a pest infestation is low.

Question 8

Why do I have cockroaches even though my house is clean?

Cockroaches are attracted to moisture and condensation. Even if your home is clean and all food is stored away properly, they may like the damp in your drain pipes and climb up to your home, where they may stay in moist areas such as the bathroom.

Question 9

Can I do cockroach control Cartwright myself?

There are many DIY methods or anti-cockroach products that you can try on your own to get rid of roaches. Unfortunately, cockroaches are very resilient, and some have developed resistance to some chemicals over the years. If the self-help methods aren’t effective, don’t hesitate to call Active Pest Control Management for help.

Question 10

How to prevent pests on construction sites?

Here are some basic things to do to reduce the likelihood of an infestation on a construction site:

  • Stay vigilant in checking for pests
  • Clean site regularly to make site less attractive to pests
  • Cover up wood to prevent termites
  • Remove stagnant water to stop mosquitoes from laying eggs