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You’ve come to the right place. We are delighted to offer safe, effective pest solutions in Cranebrook we also service all of The Sydney Region.
As a family owned and operated business, Active Pest Control Management prides itself on the greatest in pest control solutions at the most competitive and affordable prices.
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Pests Solutions
Creepy crawlers are our most common job. From spiders to roaches, we’ve seen it all and fortunately for you, our experienced specialists are educated in the habitual nature of all local insects. We won’t just terminate your infestation but we’ll also ensure that we treat your home against further problems.
While crawling insects are a nightmare, flying insects can be so much harder to treat. Not to mention the fact that many species of flying insects can sting, causing a painful insect bite and quite often an allergic reaction. Keep your family safe this season and call the Active specialists to rid your home of all insect infestations.
The common household Brown Rat carries pathogens which can cause many diseases, the least of which being Salmonella and Rat-bite Fever. Protect your family and your home and get Active about your rat problem. We won’t just terminate your infestation but we’ll also ensure that we treat your home against further problems.
Have a Noisy Miner that wakes you up every morning? Wish you could reach that nest in your backyard tree? Give Active a call and we’ll put an end to your crack-of-dawn wake up calls!
Birds Solution
Did you know that the termite population outnumbers humans 5 to 1? That makes 35,000,000,000 termites. With that many zeros isn’t it time you had your home inspected? Our experienced professionals will visit your site for a quick and thorough inspection so you can rest assured knowing that your home is termite free.
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Rodent Control Cranebrook
We use only the highest quality, environmentally advanced pest control products available Committed to excellent service and 100% satisfaction for all customers Locally-owned and operated business – not a national franchise.
Professionally accredited, licensed and insured technicians Treat all pests including ants, cockroaches, spiders, bees, wasps, fleas, mosquitoes, rodents, silverfish & pantry moths as well as termites (white ants).
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Termite Control Cranebrook
Specialists in termite inspections, termite treatment, timber and pest building inspections & termite baiting & barrier systems. Leading suppliers of pre-construction termite management products to Greater Sydney Accredited installers of Termite Management Systems for new homes and renovations. Trusted, go-to contractors for Real Estate,
Property Conveyancing, Holiday Accommodation & Government agencies across the Northern Rivers. Our pest control methods meet the highest possible standards for public safety and wildlife, approved for schools, aged-care facilities and hospitals. Call Active Pest Control Management on 0426 221 296 during office hours or contact us via email or social media.
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