Cockroaches are dirty, let’s face it, a little embarrassing.

As cockroaches carry a range of diseases ­­­– including Salmonella and E.coli – and are known to be a major cause of asthma in children, it’s important that any cockroach problem is eliminated quickly and completely.

“Remember for every cockroach you see, there are 20 you don’t see!”

For a rapid and complete solution to your cockroach problem call the experts at Active Pest Control Management.


How we get rid of cockroaches

As with all our pest treatments we start with a thorough inspection to fully understand the nature of the problem. Identification of the cockroach species causing the problem and potential hiding spots are vital for us to determine the best cockroach treatment.

A quick response is essential to prevent cockroaches from spreading in your property and out to your neighbours. Active Pest Management are your local pest experts with all the knowledge and equipment for cockroach control. If you have cockroaches, this is the process we’ll follow:

  1. A pre-risk assessment will be carried out over the phone when you book your treatment. We’ll ask you about your property and specific needs, providing advice on a suitable treatment, the risks involved and instructions on what to do prior to our visit.
  2. A further risk assessment will be conducted by our pest experts on-site before they begin treatment. We will identify the species and extent of the issue.
    Full cockroach control including eliminating food and water sources. We will trap, spray and sanitise, especially in gaps and crevices, and may also use sticky boards.
  3. We will use an environmentally-friendly spray when treating the garden beds, to prevent the pesticide from leaching into the soil.
    Most cockroaches will be eliminated during this process. However, if German cockroaches are present, we will also need to use dust and gels in hiding places such as hinges, motors, wall cavities, behind fridges, under sinks, microwaves and other electrical appliances.
  4. After the treatment, our pest expert will advise you when it is safe to re-enter your property. We will also advise you if any further treatments will be required.

Active Pest cockroach treatments

Generally speaking the type of treatment, we carry out will depend on whether we are dealing with a large cockroach species (which typically live outside, under the house or in the drains) or small cockroach species, which only live inside.

children and pets out of the area until the treatment is dry. We always choose the products with the best safety and environmental profile.

What to expect

Large cockroach treatments have an immediate impact with dead cockroaches continuing to appear in the following few days. Our treatments generally last at least 6 months.

For small cockroach treatments, it can take up to 2 weeks for baits to eliminate the cockroach population and in cases of severe infestation a second visit may be required around 4 weeks from initial treatment.

Cockroach damage

Most people don’t think about the damage that cockroaches can do, they just think about how dirty they are. But cockroaches will eat anything! Not only will they eat any type of food, but will chew boxes, papers and clothes.

Cockroach smell

If you are suffering from a cockroach infestation you may notice a musty, slightly unpleasant smell. Once you know what it is, you’ll never forget it!

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